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Should we fire our Realtor?

17 years ago

Ok, our house has been OTM 3wks. We've had 2 showings. Our realtor hasnt shown the house, it's all from other realtors for other companies. Is this normal? We just got our home in the Home Show on TV today (took 4 wks!). We're not in the paper (as promised). We're not in the mags you see in the grocery store (as promised). We've been dealing w/ her assistant, not her, this whole time. It seems she has SO many homes & they all look the same. What's her motivation to sell ours? Vs the other properties she has? We just dont feel she has any movtivation & we're not happy w/ her.

How do we know it's the market or her? Should we go w/ another realtor who has less properties so ours will be a priority? She's been doing this for yrs & sold our neighbor's home in less than 2 wks. Our neighbor also loved her, but we dont.

Help! Dont know what to do!

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