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Gunite swimming pool

8 years ago

We had a gunite pool replastered last summer after 13 years. We had a hard time getting the iron out of the water. We couldn't add chlorine until the iron was filtered out of the water. Many chemicals were used before the task was accomplished. It took about one month. We did adjust all other water chemistry as instructed by the pool company. We basically babysat this pool all summer long which was at a vacation home. We were constantly having the water chemistry checked and adjusted if needed. The pool was winterized and checked throughout the winter based on our winter maintenance contract. This past summer we saw white spotting thruout the pool and it got worse as the summer progressed. Plaster pieces were coming off and could be seen in the pool. They were being picked up in the Polaris. They were seen in the filter and the heater which probably caused our heater to fail. I wanted to mention that there were absolutely no issues with our water chemistry this past summer. We also have an automatic cover which keeps rain water out of our pool.
We contacted the company that replastered the pool and they are telling us we have calcium scaling in the pool. I am having a hard time in believing that since we maintained a pool for about 13 years and never had any issues. Our gunite pool probably looked better before the replastering job than it does now. The only reason we decided to replaster was that we needed to drain the pool because salt water got in the pool due to Sandy. We figured since it was being drained and based on the age of the pool, we mind as well redo it. At this point I regret doing this.
My question to you can it be something other than calcium scaling?

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