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Colonial kitchen remodel - please dont let me ruin the kitchen!

14 years ago

I am so stumped. I am hoping someone here cam help me. My home is in dire need of a new kitchen - I just do not know what to put in. I love this house and do not want to ruin it! Please help!

I live in a 1970's center hall dutch colonial. It has mullion windows and box beams and a wall of red brick in the den and colonial type fixtures. In its day, it was a pretty fancy home - well built. I want the kitchen to FIT with the house -- I just dont know what would fit. Right now it has a rustic dark oak kitchen and white vinyl floors, which was great in the '70s but just does not cut it anymore.

The house has golden hardwood floors throughout all the downstairs except for the hall and foyer, which have very dark green slate (which I love but do not want to put in the kitchen - too bumpy and hard to mop). I am guessing that I need to put hardwood in the kitchen, or, if I choose a tile, I will need to put the same tile in the hallway too. First question - what tile besides slate is good for a colonial - if I put travertine in a colonial do I ruin it???

Ok, assuming I put in hardwood, do I then have to put in painted cream colored inset cabs? Otherwise, won't the kitchen be a too dark, too "woody" looking? Dont get get me wrong, I love cream colored inset cabs, but I am a messy cook and I dont think that they would look good for a long time in my house.

I guess I am really asking is, what can I choose besides a wood floor and cream colored inset cabs! Also, I would greatly appreciate pictures of your beautiful colonial kitchens.

Thanks so much!


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