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How should I advertise sale of house?

16 years ago

We going to put our house on the market on April 1. It was on the market last spring and taken off in August. Very few lookers last year. Last year we advertised at $380,000, and the final price before taking off market was $370,000 plus some closing. I've picked up the carpeting on the main floor and had floors refinished. Done some painting (again), etc. I'm not sure whether to put it on the market this time at "$360,000 with $10,000 closing help" or "$350,000", with no closing help offered. Does it make any difference? Would you be more apt to look if you were offered closing help? Or do you think it's irrelevant. Area is Upper Marlboro, MD, outside of DC. Friend has house on market and she has been getting lookers. A couple of houses in our area that were sale no longer have signs out...don't know if they were sold or just taken off. I'm going to try again to sell, even though it's very slow out there. Can't get any lookers if it's not on the market.

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