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Stamped Concrete Coping Pics--Help Save this Marriage!

16 years ago

Yesterday after discussing our wait for the concrete, my husband out of clear blue doesn't remember that we are just getting the standard brushed concrete. He then stated that, that just won't do. He was under the impression that were getting some type of "fancy" coping. Well after some words which included that you "didn't listen". I informed him he must be confused. Anything like that would cost extra and he claims he doesn't care, which is a switch. I probably showed him a pool that was the shape of ours and made the comment that that was our pool and he literally took it that our pool would look just like that one, including the decking. Well, I digress. The problem is now he just has to have something different. Now for my question, has anyone just stamped their coping and brushed the outer deck? I think what I'm picturing is something that looks like flagstone stamped into the coping. I would love to see anything creative with concrete that someone has done. Any pics would be appreciated. I'm so frustrated with him wanting to make this change so late in the game. I'm just so happy to have a pool, I don't really care what goes around it.

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