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Damage to home during viewing

17 years ago

The shoe thread had a link to a previous thread with tips to selling your home. In that thread (linked below) someone said that those viewing the home moved furiture and someone else said that people actually pulled up their carpet to see if hardwood floors were underneath.

To me, both practices are horribly rude. What gives these people the right to touch your furniture, let alone move it? What if they injured themselves pulling a couch out and then sued? What gives people the right to pull up carpet to check for hardwood? Wouldn't it be easier to ask the realtor or the owner?

I don't have a problem with people opening cupboards, drawers, the fridge, etc., but don't open any personal furniture like dresser drawers. Anything not included in the home that contains personal belongings is off limits.

So, what type of damage has your home experienced from people who were a bit nervy in touching things during a showing?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tips for Selling

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