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spend 3.5k on hardwood worth it or just replace carpet?

12 years ago

In the middle of my flooring project, my wife up and decides she wants to move out of state to be closer to family. We just had our first baby and it was a difficult child birth so whatever makes her happy is fine with me.

I've already taken off the carpet from 2 flights of stairs plus parts of the living room. We live in a 3 floor townhouse. My original plan was to replace the stairs and put in hardwood for the living and dining areas. Cost of materials will run to about $3500 plus time spent on DIY. Given that we'll be moving is it worth it to spent the extra time and money on wood? If it does not add anything to resell value, I'm inclined to just put in new carpet(about $1k) and then sand and refinish the stairs.

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