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Harvest Gold help needed. Oh, boy.....

16 years ago

I've volunteered to "redecorate" MIL's bathroom. More than decorate, I am going to reorganize and toss out anything that is not tied down. It's a very, very tiny bathroom and frankly, it's so ugly it hurts my eyes. The fixtures are not being replaced ("They're still good" she says.) But they are Harvest Gold!

I'm leaning toward painting everything with a semi-gloss cream color, a cream that has a yellow undertone. Does anyone have any better ideas? Anything will be an improvement over the turquoise and gold (shiny gold) sponge paint and the orange door. (I'm not kidding!)

I thought I'd get cream towels, and cream shower curtain and window curtain. This room has to be "settled down". Anyone have any better ideas? TIA!


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