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Sprucing the cottage up for new renters ..

14 years ago

Some on you all may remember when we were doing a quick face lift to the cottage we have in back of our main house. Here's some pics as we were working on it.

I'll try to go out and snap some this morning, it's painted now .. the window's cleaned up and the window boxes are full.

Work in progress :

We live on a corner lot and as you can see from that first pic, the cottage's side yard, is the main house's back yard. Now on that side of the house, the cottage has a little shed roof addition .. which I've honestly always considered an eye sore. It just wasn't an attractive and kind of jutted out into the yard, leaving this weird little patch of lawn beside it.

See the poor homely little thing ? Please excuse the clutter, I was cleaning it out to make way for the new tenants:

So .. before the big move in day, this area needed a face lift. Our renters are kind of picky and had certain requirements. A large, secure screened in porch was one of them. They also wanted a cute little fence to help boast curb appeal. Plus, a few windows to let the light and air in, in that part of the cottage. So after a lot of work to make them happy this is what we come up with.

Still a work in progress here, we have a lot left to do .. like glass in the windows and all that. ;) Plus, flower boxes for under the windows .. they are demanding a garden spot! A landscaping in front of their picket fence.

Now .. I know at this point you all are thinking, why on earth are these people caving to their demands. Well .. we've set the rent HIGH I tell you. We expect 3 .. yes count them .. 3 eggs a day!

Well .. after they grow up that is, until that they are staying on our dime. ;)

They are also nice enough to share the shed addition part with me. Half will be their home .. to the right of the double door. To the left of the double doors will be my potting shed area .. I finally have a home for my antique wall hung enamel sink I've been saving.

So ... all it took to finally get this area spruced up was some renters. :)

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