Help!! Kitchen 'desk' at counter height or desk height?

10 years ago

Help! My final cabinet order is going in and my brain is frozen with second-guessing myself. I know -- I'm losing it, and need one of those 750 ml wine glasses! :)

My last decision -- I currently have this kitchen "desk" area (with 15" deep "hutch" uppers above for file boxes, bill paying supplies etc.) I envision this as a place that I can leave a laptop for quick email/school schedule checks, and where we can toss mail, charge phones, etc.

It is currently designed with a 32" height (30 1/2" cabinet + counter top) and a shallow drawer. I am wondering if I will get more use from it if it is at counter height instead. It's not terribly comfortable (on the wrists) using a keyboard at counter height for any length of time, but I wonder whether I will be more likely to use it while standing, or briefly while sitting. (If I were doing "work", I wouldn't be sitting here.)

I suppose if it were taller, I could use a 24" stool, which could be an extra island stool in a pinch. If it were desk height, I would get an 18" stool instead.

Any thoughts? Would you make this "desk" area counter height (36" total) or desk height (32" total) -- or something in between?

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