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Need advice for parents trying to sell home in FL

17 years ago

My parents live in a retirement village in Central Florida -in a free standing 2 bedroom ranch house with den - it is 4 years old and immaculate. They signed on with a local realtor on Jan. 1, 2007 and he has put the house on the web - but no one has come to see their house other than other realtors from the office. Thehouse is priced in the mid 200s. I realize there is a glut of homes in this area - but they want to sell to move near their children for care. The house is advertised in the local papers and local real estate magazines. I am up North and wondered if there were advertising avenues I could try up North so people would at least look at their house? Like online ads? Or newspapers? Or is that a waste of money? The realtor has not done much to sell this house, I think. Any advice on how I can help my folks out from long distance would be most appreciated.

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