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Which chandelier for my dining room? Please vote!

13 years ago

We're getting ready to do the wiring in our dining room and I need to decide if I want 1 large chandelier or 2 smaller ones for our 8' x 42" table. I love both of these chandeliers but am open to any other suggestions (though I'm limited on height with 8' ceilings). With this table and these chairs, do you like the first, second, or neither?

There's not a huge difference in cost of each light fixture, except using the smaller wine barrel stick chandelier would end up costing double because I think I'd need two given its small size. Am I wrong?

Besides style, one concern is the amount of wattage necessary for the 11' x 16' dining room (although we will have some recessed lighting). I believe the stick chandelier only has 1 60 watt capacity each and the iron one has 480 max wattage.

If it matters, other chandeliers in the house are a cascading antler one in the great room and another HF iron one in the foyer. Thank you!

wine barrel stick chandelier 20"H x 22"Diameter

(photo from


oblong Hubbardton Forge iron chandelier 16"H x 43"D x 27"W

(photo from in different finishes


table (photo from RH website)




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