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RH Cappuccino is just what I 'Was' Looking for! Thanks, Lindy..

16 years ago

Today, I met the mail truck at the top of my street and couldn't wait to get to my house and check the box! Lindybarts mailed me the chip for Cappucchino that I wanted to try out in my masterbath. (That will happen tomorrow....)

Whether it works well in my bathroom or not, I'll tell you where it would have been Perfect---in my dining room. Seriously, it is the just-right grey-beige....the perfect neutral to set off my red persian rug and my antiques. When I held it up to the wall *(Painted in Ben Moore's Northampton Putty a few months ago) I groaned. THIS was the color I wanted in there. The putty looks awesome and we love it, but it definitely has an olive sensibility under the taupe.

I've looked at Lindy's house shots many a time and love her Flax, her Cappuccino, and her Latte, but I always visualized the Cappuccino as fairly light. It's not. It's a great medium caffeinated beige.

Muchas gracias, Lindy.

What a Doll you are!


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