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Living room layout help...what to buy!?!? (open concept)

11 years ago

We are at the point that we are ready to buy new furniture for the living room, but I have no idea what to get! I am planning on floating the furniture and adding a rug to anchor it. Here is my floor plan.

Eventually the east wall will have a TV and entertainment center (probably not for a few years). We also have a view out of the south windows. I am not sure how to arrange the furniture to take in the view without making it seem as if visitors are turning their back on the rest of the kitchen/dining room. Do you think I have room to put a couch, love seat and couple of chairs without it feeling too crowded? Or would a large sectional work better? Would you center the furniture arrangement in the living room space? I had thought about arranging the majority of furniture on the east side of the room and maybe putting a puzzle table or small reading area in the southwest corner by the entryway. I like the idea of a narrow table on the opposing wall of the center bathroom with some nice art above it. Any suggestions are appreciated as I would love to have some different ideas/options before checking out the furniture stores...thank you!

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