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Ideas for what to do with this corner fireplace area?

13 years ago

Buying my first place! And here's my first design dilemma: I have a corner fireplace in an angled wall in my great room. 12 foot ceilings. The angled wall the fireplace is on is 62" wide. You can see on both the left and right sides of the photo that there's a little 8.5" deep column jutting out of both walls.

The problem is that there's a lack of bookshelves/storage/places to display items in the room and either side of the angled wall seem to be the best place to implement whatever solution there is. The TV is going over the fireplace (please don't comment - it's happening) and I'd love to find room for bookshelves/component storage on either or both of these walls. (Also, everything but the fireplace itself will be removed - glass panels and floating shelves.)

So what would you do with the space to achieve these goals? Is there a way to do built-ins around the angled wall while not obstructing the view of the TV? Options to accent the wall with different texture from floor to ceiling? Add a full mantle? A shelf mantle? Any interesting ideas for replacing the tile around the fireplace? The fireplace is flush with the wall, in case you can't tell.

Also, I'm DIY-ing on a budget, so please keep that in mind, but I'll take any ideas and inspiration you all have! Thanks all!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fireplace Wall

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