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my almost-finished kitchen - pix & backsplash angst

16 years ago

We're getting there.

The under cabinet lights and pendants are in, the appliances are plugged in. The ice maker is dropping little rectangles and I just ran the dishwasher to make sure it works. (5 mugs, 1 glass, 1 plastic container because we are still eating on paper and plastic in the basement). It is too quiet!

{{!gwi}} Tomorrow the cabinet handles go on, and maybe the crown molding. And I hope Michael will patch a couple of holes with sheetrock so I can put up my bulletin board backsplash over the file cabinet area. The wood floors have to be finished/refinished in the whole downstairs, so that will be a big deal. And we are still waiting for the frame to be made for the cooktop so it will not sit directly on the oven. Minor detail - LOL.

I still haven't decided on a backsplash and the electricians can't finish till I have done so. Here are the issues:

1) I need something that takes medium-to-dark grout so I don't have tie-dyed grout.

2) The kitchen needs texture.

3) I need something that will work with the muted color and not fight with the random movement of the soapstone.

4) It needs to be in keeping with my relatively contemporary look.

I love this tile. It is the only one I have found that speaks to me.

BUT - one tile cannot a decision make. What will it do when it multiplies? I think I have to buy a sq. ft or a box or something and try it out on the spot to really know. This is the photoshopped version.

I guess I'll know when I know. Meantime, progress.

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