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Thread for machine quilting and desired effect

15 years ago

OK! I've asked this on here before a couple years ago, but we have some new people who do a lot of machine quilting, and looking at Mary's latest QOV got me wondering about it again.

Those of you who are into the "quilting" part of the quilting process -- what kind of thread do you use, and how do you feel about the quilting pattern in relation to the pieced pattern -- as in, do you worry about the design created by the thread and quilting pattern detracting from the pattern created by your piecing?

For example, I just LOVE that baptist fan quilting on Mary's latest QOV and it seems to complement the pattern, not distract my eye -- but when I go to quilt a top of my own, if the thread color contrasts with the fabric, I feel it interrupts/ruins the look of the pretty fabric/pattern I've pieced.

- Do you use a thinner thread so its color does not show so bold? OR Am I just getting too close to my quilt tops and missing the big picture? (The way I do the lines on my face in the mirror -- oh the horror!!!!! LOL.)

- If/When you do try to match the thread color to your top are you starting and stopping a lot to keep the color the same as the piece of fabric you're currently quilting? (Obviously this would not apply to the baptist fan pattern, but maybe overall meandering?)

- If you change the color to match the different pieces in the fabric, am I being a "big lazy unrealistic baby" thinking I want a nice quilted pattern but I don't want to keep starting and stopping so much?

Just curious about how you guys feel about the pattern of the quilting in relation to the overall quilt pattern and what you use to get the desired effects.

Thank you for your thoughts on this topic!!!!

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