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Imperial Danby vs. Montclair Danby

13 years ago

Fell in love with a slab of Imperial Danby Vermont marble a while back, but it is a budget-busting $120/sq. ft. Took husband back to the stone place, and we decided that we liked the Montclair Danby Vermont marble slab second best, and it's $66/sq. ft., which is closer to our countertop allowance. We're planning on marble for our approx. 33 sq. ft. of countertop perimeter and wood for our approx. 18 sq. ft. of island countertop. I read somewhere -- I think on a shelter blog -- that the Vermont marble is less porous than other marbles like Carrera, the saleslady at the stone place confirms that (of course), and now I'm stuck on wanting Vermont marble. I prefer the look of the Imperial Danby slab I saw as it has very subtle veining while the Montclair has more pronounced veining, but they are both beautiful slabs and I think I would be happy with both installed. Anyone here look at these two options and choose Montclair?? (I ran a search and came up empty handed.)

My builder steered me toward Alabama White marble at another stone place, but the slabs they had weren't nearly as pretty as the Vermont marbles, and I'm still stuck on that "Vermont marble is less porous" thing.


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