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Are u hiring insured & licensed plumber for your kitchen remodel?

13 years ago

Are you hiring insured & licensed plumber for your kitchen remodel???

Would you consider using a licensed plumber but doing the work on the side from his full time job - therefore not insured for your project?

DH and I are torn. The cabinet maker recommend a plumber who works for a plumbing company that is licensed and insured - their quote $850.

We were also referred to a plumber who works for the local school board who is licensed but is not insured and would be doing this on the side - his quote $300.

Both plumbers provided quotes for the same exact work. What would you do??

Here's what needs to be done:

- cap off valves

- disconnect sink, GD, DW, faucet

- move water line for frig from one side of "U" style kitchen to other side (copper line)

- replace with all new valves

- connect sink, GD, DW, faucet and air switch

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