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Sinks - how deep is too deep?

15 years ago

So I've had a shallow double sink for a long time and I'm sick of it. I couldn't wait to get a deeper single bowl sink during this remodel. So we've been going along assuming we'd get the Rohl Allia 10" deep fireclay undermount.

Tonight, I went to a friend's house with a 10" sink undermounted and realized how crazy deep this seems! Is a 10" sink (11 1/4" undermounted) TOO deep? I'm 5'7", husband 5'11", standard 36" counter heights. Are we going to regret this decision?

And if so, is there a fireclay sink that is NOT that deep? Looks like maybe the Franke Orca fireclay is 9".

What is the ideal blend of deep enough for washing big pots easily but not breaking your back?

Sure would love to hear from people with a 10" undermount. Thanks!

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