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Is this too themey for the bathroom?

14 years ago

Still looking for art for my bathroom.

I really like this Audubon duck print. It's one of those things that will go in my house 'somewhere' because I like it that much.

Putting another smaller Audubon bird print above it doesn't seem like a good thing to do in my mind.? Although I really adore that Heron print that Scooby has.

This picture is smaller and I was considering stacking it above the duck print.

Now I'm thinking it's going to be too themey with the pheasant fabrics, ducks, and dogs.

I considered a shelf at one point but think it's going to end up too cluttered looking.


Ignore the painters tape. That was for something else that I'm not using.


Ignore the bird print. I painted the frame black and it's on a stand in my foyer.


dog print


Duck print - 22 1/2" W x 17 3/4" H

Dog print - 11 3/4" W x 10" H

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