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Ack! FSBO Legal Stuff... my head will explode!

16 years ago

Talking with a mom at my son's soccer game (who does mortgages) I realized I'm a lot more naive about FSBO than I ever imagined. She talked about helping the buyer with closing costs. I thought you paid them, but she said you raise the price on your home so their costs are covered by their loss of money to you. See, I would've forked out a couple thousand dollars there.

So, where can I go for a crash education? I have heard that to close you can get documents from Office Max and have them reviewed by 1) a real estate attorney or 2) a title company or 3) an escrow service or 4) a mortgage broker. Which one? And do they then finish the deal?

I'm sorry I sound like such an idiot. Can someone point me in the direction of a paperwork walk-through? I want to save money FSBO, but not get fleeced by my ignorance.


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