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I need HELP, before i have to refinance my house to care for my p

13 years ago

I have had this pool since 1982, a 20x40 vinyl liner. Never before this year had I had this problem....Picture perfect clear and then WHAMO. Pool started turning a litle green. I added 5 lbs of shock and the rest of some $22.00 a bottle of alge stuff. about 16 oz. The next morning I was shocked to see it was worse than before! I took a sample to the pool supply for a test...MY instructions was to add 48 lbs of alkalinty( that is over a hundred pounds this year added ..5 lbs more shock, 2 lbs ph up, 8 lbs stabilizer.

Next morning the pool looks no better.All the time I am checking the clorine . After 12 to 18 hours later....NO clorine.

Called pool supplier they recommended I Add 10 lbs shock and bring another sample the next morning!!

Here is my test results from yesterday...

Free clorine O

total clorine0

PH 7.4

alkaliny 110

Cal hard 100

stablizer 40

clorine shock

THey said to add 25lbs of shock in a two day period. Did that .this morning tested clorine....NOTHING.. after adding 12lbs...They also said I did not need any more stabilizer.

Added 12 more lbs just now.. If no Clorine in the morning Should I change pool supliers, or just put the cover on and close the Damn thing up!!

$420.00 in a 5 day period is breaking me..

ANYONE???? Had this problem before..

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