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Antique mantel - where would you put it?

14 years ago

I saw this on CL, saw it in person, and emailed DH. He said get it, since we've been wanting one (and a place to put it) for close to 20 yrs. Now, since this house doesn't have a FP, where do we put it? I told him DR, he thinks we should put it at the head of the table and mount electric sconces on it, we'd have to trim it out a little larger but we can do that, also have to get new fixtures but that was going to happen eventually anyway, but we'd also have to move the table and the ceiling box for the chandy down closer to the stairs since the lower shelf on this is 12" deep and right now the rug is 12" from the wall, back of armchair is 20" from the wall. It's 80" tall but could be modified to be lower or add plinth blocks to make it taller. The china cabinet is 80" plus 1/2" felt pads under the feet.

We're finishing off the stairs, have oak rail

I was thinking of maybe between the windows? I'd probably want to change out the window trim to oak, but I was thinking of eventually changing all the baseboards and trim downstairs to oak (and adding crown molding) anyway (this pic was taken before I got the builder grade pine trim up around the windows). The top of the window trim is now at 84", if go wider it will be taller too but we could build up the mantel or just put something on the top shelf. I'd love to put DH's grandma's mantel clock there if it's not too tall but it might be - might have to put it in front of the mirror (it's on our dresser now).

Sorry I don't seem to have a pic of both windows since we got trim on them.

If we put it b/t the windows we could put an electric insert in it. I don't know about at the head of the table. DH says just put a screen in it.

Of course if we can get it up the stairs we could put it where our dresser is now with an electric FP. Or we could hold onto it and put it in a FR addition with a real working FP.

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