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Tips on surviving a gut remodel?

10 years ago

Our GC was suddenly ready and demo started last week on Monday. Everything that made my old kitchen a kitchen went away in a dumpster. Most of last week has been replacing the HVAC and water heater, so we had to move out for the weekend.

This is a lot more stressful and DRAMATIC than I ever could have imagined. Then again, I never imagined owning a home, much less having the cash to gut a kitchen. So far all good news, in that there needs to be a small amount of structural repair, but we also gained 18" of ceiling space.

I spent all Sunday wiping dust off the rest of the house (and I'm not done). Two of my oldest plants (11 years) died while the furnace was out. But none of this is a bit deal... not nearly enough to explain how edgy I am. Why is this so scary?

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