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Serious about a gunite pool in MD-need any help I can get

13 years ago

My husband and I are in the final phases are meeting with PB's to install a gunite pool here in MD. We have met with 5 PB's and they all have differing opinions about 2 major aspect of the pool, the heating source and the decking materials. The plans are for a larger pool (1100sq ft or larger) with a springy diving board, LED lighting, nice landscaping (trees, not grasses and little plants), a black aluminum fence, and all grassy areas that were destroyed by equipment repaired. Those things are must haves but we do have some things we would like to have such as a smaller rock waterfall, a spa (my husband), tanning deck/beach entry. As beautiful as PebbleTec is, we have conceded that it is not a necessity. Our budget is about 100k. If we can not get what we want for that price we have decided to not build a pool at this time. We have decided that we would rather wait than build something we look at and say "I should have done this or that....." My questions are:

1. What type of heating system do you feel works the best (solar, propane, or heat pump) to keep the pool warm enough so that EVERYONE wants to swim? I understand the costs of each but which one do you like?

2. What type of decking do you like the best (exposed aggregate, SunDek, Artistic pavers, standard pavers, other)?

3. Any other ideas or thought you might have are very much welcome.

Thanks for any and all thoughts.


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