which dining chair w/ which lr curtain??? (long + pics)

10 years ago

Hoping to get some opinions!

I'm in the middle of redecorating my apartment living room + dining area. (I posted another thread about this recently.) The new dining table and picture for over the sofa are already on order and scheduled to be delivered this Friday (yay!). Now I'm trying to choose both dining chairs and the curtains to go at the living room windows. I've got each down to two choices:


Brown leather chairs with steel frame from Room & Board


"Parrot Green" fabric-upholstered chairs from World Market


JC Penney Supreme pinch pleats in Silver Sage -


Pottery Barn Peyton linen/cotton drapes in Mineral Green

Comparing the chairs: The leather chairs are cool-looking, but a little more modern than I was originally thinking. I've actually seen and sat on these chairs, and they're surprisingly comfortable. They'd be the easiest to keep free of cat hair if I ever get cats again. (My kitty died recently, and her sister died 10 months ago - I'm still heart-broken. Obsessing over redecorating is helping take my mind off it a little.)

The fabric chairs are closer to the style I had in mind, and the upholstery would be a softer look for the room. I really like having more color in the room (and I think they'd look prettier through the glass-top table), but I'm worried about the "parrot green" color not going with the other greens in the room. I also don't know if it would "compete" with the red end table. I don't have a World Market near me so I have not seen these chairs in person. I don't know the texture of the fabric (it looks like a simple woven on the web site) and I don't know how well it would hold up to wear. Plus, of course, I don't know if the actual color looks the way it does on the web site!!!

Also, the color of the wood legs on the fabric chairs seem to be quite a bit darker than the table - not sure if it would look "deliberate", or if it would look like a "near miss". None of the other wood pieces in my room match.

Btw, that's a light green chair in front of the window - the color gets kind of washed out in photos. The JC Penney silver sage curtains are a little bluer than the chair, and go better with the background color of the pictures over the tv cabinet. The Pottery Barn curtains are almost exactly the color of the chair (very slightly bluer), and might pick up the greener highlights in the pictures. The PB curtains are a LOT more expensive than the JC Penney curtains (gulp), but if they're a better color, I could suck it up. (There's a big difference in the price of the chairs too, but somehow that doesn't bother me as much.)

Did a bunch of mock-ups trying to show how it would all look together - hope the colors come out sort of right:

#1 - Brown leather chair & JCP silver sage curtains

#2 - Parrot green chair & JCP silver sage curtains

#3 - Brown leather chair & PB mineral green curtains

#4 - Parrot green chair & PB mineral green curtains

JCP silver sage curtains with pictures over tv cabinet

PB mineral green curtains with pictures over tv cabinet

Parrot green chair next to red end table

Brown leather chair next to red end table

The brown leather chairs would be a "safer" choice since brown won't clash with anything, I've actually seen the chairs, and they would definitely wear better (and hold up to any possible future cats). The green chairs kind of appeal to me, but only if they won't be "too much".

I like the color of the PB curtains better, but have read many mixed reviews over them. Not sure how well the linen/cotton would hold up to cats rubbing against them vs. the JCP Supremes, which I've read hold up well. Also not sure which fabric is more suitable for my room looks-wise.

Very confused.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions!!!!

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