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What Do You Put in Your China Cabinet, Other Than China?

11 years ago

So I bought a dining set today from craigslist.

It came with a china hutch - two pieces - top with glass doors and a bottom base part. The bottom alone is not that attractive while the top part is pretty. Together they balance each other out and it looks fine.

I could just use the bottom part as a sideboard, since that would be more practical, but it's a little on the smallish side and, again, not really that attractive, even though it does match the set.

Using it as intended, one tall unit, would really look nice in the dining room with it's high ceilings. I need a tall piece in the front part of the house and have a few other ideas for a sideboard.

The thing is, I don't know what I'd put in it! I do technically own a set of china and while it does have sentimental value, it's not something I'd want to display .... not really my style and woulc clash with my colors.

So, if not china, what would I put in it? It's 5' tall and 5' wide (the open top part, with the base of course it's taller) so it's a good sized area to fill.

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