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weir wall on infinity edge pool

12 years ago

A few questions re: weir wall.

1.In my research, it says the shotcrete guys must place dobies to hold forms off steel; no pegboard can be tied to the steel. Is this accurate?

2. Also stated 12" weir wall with double curtain for reinforcement. What is that? (My weir wall is 32')

3. States to waterproof both sides of weir wall prior to plaster. Is this required, and what/how is the waterproofing done?

4. Weir wall is to be 1/2" to 1" lower than the required median pool water level. Is this accurate, and how can a homeowner tell if it is formed correctly?

We are having to tear out the pool that was just put in due to errors. Want to be sure we cover all bases prior to redo.

Thank you for any info. you can offer. Have a great 4th of July everyone.


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