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Melbourne, FL Pool Build

14 years ago

Sorry, about starting a new topic, but I posted this in the gallery by accident.

We are going with Intercoastal Pools in Melbourne, FL. So far so good during the planning stage with them. We are planning on signing the contract on Monday and they are beginning right away (well after a week or two of permits etc ...). They stated they could be done in 6-8 weeks assuming no delays in the weather (i.e. tropics).

Here are the details of my pool build:

Design Plan

Pool - Rectangle shaped 28' X 14' with cantilever edge to give it a contemporary/modern look. It is 3 feet deep in the shallow end and slopes to 6 ft deep on the other end.

Spa - 6' - 7' square corner spa, 6" raised with 4 therapy jets and 2 12" tile spillways (waterfalls) into the pool

Decking 30' X 38' area - broom finished concrete with free stain negotiated into the deal. We are going for a gray stone finish as well (modern look). Any stain/stone finish anyone recommends?

30" retaining wall at back of decking since our yard slopes downward to a man made lake (pond).

Screen Enclosure - yes we are in Florida, it will be a black enclosure covering the entire deck area.

Removal of a couple trees currently in the back yard.

The equipment is pretty basic, other than the salt system:

Pump: Sta Rite 2 hp Max-E Pro for pool circulation

Filter: Sta Rite System Cartridge (150 sq ft)

Sanitizer: Pentair Intellichlor salt system

Gem Exposed aggregate finish. I'm looking for a deep blue finish that is included in the price.

Valves: Jandy 2 & 3 way for easy operation

5 ton electric heat pump to heat the spa (on demand)

3 LED lights (2pool and 1 in the spa - attached blueprint is incorrect there will be 2 in the pool)

Robotic cleaning system

Again, as you can see we are going for the modern, clean lines approach with the simple concrete, cantilever edge, and rectangular pool and spa.

After some negotiation we got the price down into the mid 37 K range (including pool, spa, deck, and screen). Should I be asking for anything different as far as equipment goes? I don't mind doing some work myself, so automation wasn't that much of a big deal for me.

Thoughts on the bull nosed cantilever (simple) edge for a modern pool? I wish I could do flagstone or blue stone, but that would put us outside our budget :)

Yard before the dig:

My poor grass :(

Poor landscaping :(

I need to find a temporary home for the weather station


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  • 14 years ago

    what is the brand and model of the heat pump if u don't mind me asking?
    sounds like an awesome pool by the way
    i am in south florida to

  • 14 years ago

    Whoops, posted the same image twice - cut and paste gone wrong. here is the correct one:

  • 14 years ago

    Beautiful yard, I can only imagine how it will look with a pool. Keep us posted!!

  • 14 years ago

    Thanks for the warm comments, we signed the contract yesterday, so we are waiting for the county permits and then the dig begins :)

    We are still trying to rack our brains on the what pool finish to select. We were given the choice of the Marquis Series Marbletite quartz interior finish, but the only colors available to us in the standard price are the white backgrounds, such as bluestone with black (sky blue), Sapphire (too light), and Marina with black (greenish). Since we going with a modern pool, we would like a deeper blue/gray look, such as midnight blue, but that will run as ~$1200 as that is an upgrade in finish. Any thoughts on a possible solution to our color dilemma?

    Anyone have a similar picture they could refer us to with the white base finish that would achieve a deeper blue look? Can they mix in a darkener at all or should we just upgrade to the dark color finish?


  • 14 years ago

    Unfortunately, we are really liking the midnight blue - I wonder how much room for negotiation the PB would have, especially since we already signed the contract :(

  • 14 years ago

    Hi WB,Most pool companies are reluctant to go with dark
    colored plaster because they tend to streak.And then the
    customer complains.Most refuse to go with black,even if
    you sign a waiver.A dark color requires greater skill in
    appling to minimize streaking.I assume IC men that are still working are very good at their trade.
    I personally like Pewter.Would go with that,a member here a few years back used Maquis pewter mixed with black.
    I think 60/40,it was awsome.Doubt if IC will mix.
    You should go with the color you want,even if it cost more
    .The pool is going to be with you a long time and you will
    allways regret not getting what you wanted. $1200. is not
    that much more concidering the total cost of your pool.
    Try pricing pebbletech if you want a shock!
    Maybe dropping the Gem/cool deck and going with broomed
    concrete?This will save you about $3500/4000.

    Good Luck....JR

  • 14 years ago

    Guh, just found that it will take another 1-2 weeks for county permits to come through. I'll keep everyone posted once the dig begins.

    Thanks for the info JR - they do refuse to mix, so we will have to look for darker colors. We are going with plain concrete to begin with.

  • 14 years ago

    You asked about equip you might want to get this instead of the 2hp pump.
    There is a new type of variable speed pump that saves a lot on electricity you may want to consider. The pump is a 3 HP pump with 4 speeds. It senses what speed needs to be on based on several factors. It saves a huge amount on electrical operating costs. You can go to learn more or use the online calculator that helps determine how much electricity you save. For instance, the electrical estimate for operating a 2 HP pump for your size pool is $1,225 per yr (based on paying $0..15 per kwh). Using this new pump reduces operating costs to an estimated $330 per yr. It costs more for the unit to begin with and has to have some special automation to operate, but the payback is very quick (usually in 18 months or less).
    My PB told me about this and my pool is 30x14 the aboved was based on my size pool yours is close in size don't know the cost of elec in Fla this is in Houston Tx I got it my pool but they just turned the pump on today so can't give you anything more on it just thought you might check it out.
    good luck with everything

  • 14 years ago

    Also wanted to show this pic of my pool just filled yesterday we have a Black Marble Plaster interior which is just a White Marble Plaster with something mixed it It goes on lite gray in color and will make the water bluer and it only cost me $400 more than the White Marble Plaster depends on you PB of cours. PB says it will be even bluer next week after chemicals set.

    this is a pic before finished filling up yesterday

  • 14 years ago


    very nice looking pool.
    so u say its worth replacing my 4 month old motor(original crapped out) with The IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS ?

  • 14 years ago

    domingos, I think it would be worth it but my pool is new and the pump has just been turned on so it will a month or more before I know what my elec bill will be so you might want to check with PB's or maybe someone has had one for longer maybe they could tell us both if it is worth it.

  • 14 years ago

    After a frustrating delay with permits and scheduling we are underway and have made decent progress the last week. Other than some minor issues like the PB putting an LED light in the wrong place I can't complain thus far.

    The dig occurred last week and the guys have been working on the form and rebar the past few days. Since we are going with such clean lines on our pool/spa it is taking a bit longer than a free form. Anyways, here are some pictures form the past few days :)

    The tractor is bigger than my house!

    Look there is a hole in my yard:

    Forming begins - note the geometric design.

    Rebar almost done and you can now see the spa form:

    Looking from near the spa towards pool and pond:

    We are in a minor delay waiting for a form board survey due to the easement in our back yard, but they should finish the plumbing this week and be ready for gunite soon after.

    We have picked out our tile and finish (bluestone with black - light blue), but are still contemplating how we are going to finish our cantilever edging around the top of the spa. After talking to the PB we have extended the 2 spillways to 24" wide each, but can't decide on whether to continue the concrete edge over the waterfall (more modern look) versus leaving it open (like most people). The PB will do it either way (with rebar support), but is concerned that with simple concrete that by bridging the gap (over spillway) it will leave a weak point and will eventually crack, so I'm leaning towards having it open :( If it was a stronger coping material (like stone) it would be perfectly fine to extend that coping over the waterfalls. Ahhhh decisions! Any advice here :)

  • 14 years ago

    I wondered what happened to you. Thanks for the additional pictures. I am keeping close tabs on your build because we will be selecting a PB soon. Any idea why it took so long for permits? City of Melbourne or Brevard County? I think I must deal with the county. It looks like you have a very nice location for a pool. I think we are going for the Bull Nose coping everywhere. We liked it on our last pool, unless the PB can convince us otherwise.

  • 14 years ago

    Thanks - we went through Brevard County for the permits. Not sure what took them so long, but it took ~2 weeks. Plus it took another week for Intercoastal to start since they had another job before ours. They seem to be pretty busy considering the economy, but that is probably a good sign. We are in another minor delay waiting for a survey to be completed regarding our easement in the backyard, but then they should start the gunite phase soon. I'll try to keep up to date on my progress :)

  • 14 years ago

    We have gunite :) It's finally starting to look like a pool. I think the guys did a fairly good job at keeping our straight clean line approach. I did notice that the stairs aren't perfectly straight - will they fix that (as best as they can) when they apply the finish? Or am I simply being to picky. Anyways, on to the pictures ...

    Close-up of the spa, note the location of the 2 spillways. Should we cover the 2 spillways with the cantilevered concrete, or just simply leave them open?


  • 14 years ago

    Looks good, I really like the geometric design! I am sure it's great to see it take shape after waiting for the permits for so long.

  • 14 years ago

    Also, should I have had them do seating in the spa all the around the entire perimeter? If you can see in the picture above they only did seating for 4-5 on the top and right sides (away from spillways). Since the spa is only 36 sq ft the designer thought we would enjoy the extra leg room, which is probably true since I'm 6'3." Now that it is gunited I'm thinking it may look a bit strange. Thoughts?

  • 14 years ago

    Looks like we are on to plumbing and the retaining wall this week :)

    Should we keep the spa spillways open or closed with cantilevered concrete?