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To Spa or not to Spa.....That is the question

14 years ago

I realize that this is a totally individual thing but I need some guidance.

The Pool plan goes to the city today for permitting. As it is now, we do not have a spa included in the pool plan. I am questioning that decision. Others have put the doubt in my head: Limiting myself to warm weather months only.

We have 3 kids, with the oldest just 13 last week and the youngest 10. We had the pool designed with them in mind with a dive board, grotto, waterfall, and volleyball depth area. The pool will sit unused, except visually, in spring, late fall and winter.

Should we bite the bullet and add a spa?

Has anyone built a pool without a spa and regretted it?

Has anyone built a pook with a spa, only to not use it?

I am so excited to get started but also getting nervous. I do not want to have any serious regrets.

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