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New Pool in Dallas Texas

12 years ago

I have been reading thru all the posts on this forum (love this forum, by the way!) to try to figure out what is best for our pool set up and still not confident about equipment/price/PB. Here's the bid we have received that we like:

Pool Size - 25x22.5

Play pool 3ft-6ft

Pool/Spa Surface Area - 478

Gallons - 15,236

Pool/Spa Perimeter - 102

Jandy 60sqft DE Filter

2.5HP Stealth Pump

Aqua Pure Salt System

Jandy PDA PS4 Controller

Laars LXI4000 Natural Gas Heater

Polaris 280 Max with booster pump

Jandy 100W spa light

2 - Jandy 500W pool light

Letro Autofill

5 returns

2 skimmers

Rainbow 320 Chlorinator

Spa has 220V 1.5HP QT blower with 8 jets

415sq ft of Colored Textured Concrete

Oklahoma Flagstone on all the raised walls, coping and steps

Oklahoma dry steps @ pool entry with tanning ledge

Swim out bench

3 stone scupper water features

Pebble interior finish

1/2" steel rebar on 10" centers with 5" alternates in walls and floor


Our yard slopes @ 24". They want to take a large trackhoe thru alley over our retaining wall. They say they will build a ramp and not damage it, but I find this very hard to believe. 2 other PB were going to use smaller equipment and come thru side of yard over driveway where retaining wall ends. Anyone have experience with this?

My other confusion is the pump. Quote is for single stage. Is variable speed best or should we go with seperate pumps so we can turn the water feature off when we are not home for an energy savings?

Is it worth going up to LED lighting?

Quote is from Riverbend Sandler. Does anyone have experience with them? We got bids from 3 different companies. Riverbend was not cheapest, but we liked them best. Another pool company that put in a previous pool for us told us (i'm quoting directly from his email) "They are known in the industry as a volume budget pool builder. I cannot define specifically what that means I can only tell you that this is their claim to fame. Sell them cheap and build as many pools as possible. Of course they are not alone many other companies have that philosophy the most well known being Wal-Mart" He further told us that the quality and service would not be good and that the price they gave us was actually much higher than he usually saw on their bids. Any validity to his statements?

Any opinions or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!

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