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Two 24' kitchen sinks side by side

16 years ago

Hello All,

I have a 24" single bowl presently. I love the room in the sink and can't imagine going with a smaller size. However, I'm ashamed to admit I keep a dish drainer beside the sink at all times and generally it is full of handwashed items. I no sooner empty it and it begins to fill again. I just can't bring myself to put everything into the dishwasher. For example, I hand wash items that I use all the time like the veggie peeler, grater, knives, colander, etc. I also hand wash all my pots and pans, all tuperware or other plastic items, and anything with wood on it. In addition, I can't see sticking into the dishwasher something that was barely used that just needs a quick rinse such as a measuring cup, spoon, etc. Am I hopeless???

When I do my re-do, which I'm planning now, I don't want to continue to have the "dish drainer eye sore" as part of my design. So I'm thinking that two 24" bowls would work. One for washing and one for draining. I figure if the bowls are deep enough, you won't notice the items being drained ? Anyone build in two 24" sinks? Do you need two separate cabinets and two separate sinks? What do you do with the faucet? If you have such a set up I'd love to see photos!!!!

I'll also have a 24" farmhouse sink with built in drainboards in the ajoining "Garden Pantry" (as I've named it) for washing the baskets of veggies that my DH grows :

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