Need help finishing off modernizing/lightening up Family Room

10 years ago

Okay, I've been struggling with the final details and had an 'aha moment' -put it out there for you guys....

My family room was red/gold/green....somewhat traditional. So I'm trying to lighten it up and modernize it. I painted it a taupy color (Valspar Frappe) with a bit of green undertone. Made a white slipcover and brown/white floral ottoman slipcover. And today I finished making the drapes. I'm just telling you all that SO YOU DON'T SUGGEST I RETURN ANY OF THAT LOL!!!! The formerly red plaid is the next and final piece to be slipcovered, and it will be a pretty taupy linen.

So... I need a rug, accessories, etc. The sofa table is from Hobby Lobby -don't love it, but it fits the space well. The lantern on top of sofa table -I am thinking of hanging it from the ceiling with candles it it, over the white chair.

So please send lots of ideas.... with links is even better!!!

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