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Some Advice Regarding Surveys - My 2 Cents

13 years ago

I'm in the process of purchasing a home, set to close the end of this month.

I've been asking for a lot of advice on what to do IN the home and so many have been helpful in other forums. I'd like to pass along some helpful advice for others here.

I ordered to have a survey done. I only wanted to know where the property lines were and told the surveyor unless there were issues, I didn't need the land drawing done, I think it's called a plat?

Anyhow, after going out and finding the 3 rods and having to put the front corner rod in, he told me that he suggests a full survey due to:

A) the driveway in the front corner is 1" from the neighbors property line - THAT'S close!

B) The property was originally larger and part was sold years ago. The wording was never changed and it still shows it being the same lot number, not a portion or part, which the surveyor said needs to be changed to show it's only a portion or part of the lot.

Upon his suggestion I said, "Definitely, go ahead and do it!"

I received the drawing last night via email. What really floored me upon receiving the drawing of the land was the following:

It seems the property sat on was originally 1.423 acre. They sold a portion of the property when they sold the house to the current owners. The MLS lists the house to be on .82 acre. The county property records show it to be .823 acre. The surveyor has it being .77 acre. The sold portion, I was able to find a survey on line, it has .66

Prior to seeing the land drawing, I texted my realtor to let her know about the slight problem with the wording, told her it didn't appear to be a problem, but that I had to unexpectedly pay for a whole survey instead. She said I am the only person who ordered a survey on their own without a bank/lender requesting one. She said banks don't require them anymore. Honestly, I felt like I had done something wrong. I was made to feel this way when I had a chimney inspection done as well, told I was the ONLY person ever to order one, but yet, there were issues with the chimney (I've never owned a fireplace in my life).

It's been over 20yrs since I bought my current home. Back then, a survey was required. I didn't know that it was no longer required by lenders anymore. Since I'm getting a private loan, I knew I legally didn't need a survey but wanted to at least know where the property lines were.

I am so glad I went with my gut. I'm not sure what can be done at this point with the discrepancy with the size of the land being .053 less than what I thought I was buying.

I went on the web to look for some info until I hear back from the RE lawyer and ran across the following article. It is excellent advice and just wrote and told the writer as such.

If you are purchasing a home, do take in to consideration about doing a survey, read the link below, it's worth spending the money!

Here is a link that might be useful: SURVEYS & WHY ALL BUYERS SHOULD HAVE ONE

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