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They DID make my bed in the wrong fabric!!!!

12 years ago

About a week and a half ago I posted pics of the new bed I ordered titled "Don't like the color of my new bed". And now I know why!!! They made the damn thing in the wrong fabric!!!!! I knew the fabric I selected was a cream and not a beige-y peach color. I called the store the day after they delivered the bed to say that I thought something was wrong, and my saleslady had them send me a swatch of the fabric from the manufacturer. Sure enough it came in the mail today and I found out I'm not crazy!!! The saleslady said to call her back if there were any more problems, so I called right away and left a voicemail since she is apparently off today. I was so distraught thinking I was going to have to change my whole color scheme because the bed didn't work with the wall color. I spent $400 on drapes because of the needed changes. Here is a pic of the bed and the "correct" fabric:

How do I need to proceed? I will demand a new bed in the proper fabric and I'm not paying an extra cent. To spend almost $1500 and WAIT 8 weeks and they can't even make the damn thing in the correct fabric. That is SO AGGRAVATING and infuriating! Any tips on how to proceed if they aren't as cooperative as they claim they will be? I paid with credit card so I will definitely file a claim if I have to.

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