Soft-close drawers won't close :(

8 years ago

I sooooo couldn't wait to get my new cabinets with dish drawers that I have been lusting after since I discovered this forum a few yrs back. Well it appears my dishes are too heavy to let the drawers shut by themselves! I have longaberger stoneware dishes, probably 10-12 place settings. With bowls/luncheon plates etc in a 33" drawer. It won't close by itself now! I'm so bummed :(. Anyone else have this trouble? I called the cabinet guy (they are Waypoint made by american Woodmark) and then someone called from the manufacturer co after "talking to their engineers" and long story short I guess I have too much weight in them. The hardware is Blum. Another drawer that has mixing bowls etc - same thing! But the ones with pots/pans closes fine. Apparently that doesn't weigh as much as the stoneware stuff.

So.... Do I give up storage by wasting space in the drawers or just deal with having to close them all the way myself? It's kind of a pain compared to just pushing with your hip and it closing by itself. :/

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