Major Change in Plan/Please Help w/ Layout

7 years ago

I posted recently seeking advice for a remodel when I planned to paint and reconfigure my current cabinets. But after a good deal of research and reflection, we've decided to replace all the perimeter cabinets and, possibly, the granite countertops.

The goals are to replace broken DF range w/ an induction model. Replace broken fridge & replace OTR MW w/ a proper venting hood.

I'd like to make better use of space by removing huge pantry that was hard to keep organized and access anything beyond the "front layer." Do not want another revolving lazy Susan. Would like vertical storage for sheet pans, muffin tins, cooling racks, etc.

Need better organization and access to spices. Need a spot for flour/sugar canisters & oils and vinegars. Need a new spot for a microwave.

Had a brief chance meeting w/ a KD we may engage. She said there is a chance we may be able to keep our granite countertops, even w/ cabinet changes (?) We like our countertops, but since that might not work, I am attaching 2 floor plans. One shows current countertop layout, the other w/out.

We are definitely keeping the island but will reface to coordinate w/ new cabs, adding panels and base trim.

More pics of our adjacent areas are on my original post (I've linked to this) but I am attaching a couple shots here to help you visualize the space.

We've had great luck w/ Omega/Dynasty painted cabs we installed at our lake place 7 yrs. ago, so are inclined to go that route again. I'm not locked into a hood style (under cab? mantel?) but it will not be a chimney hood.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer me for a new, more efficient (and prettier) layout. Thanks

A link to original post with more pics:

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