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What would you do with this living room?

10 years ago

Hey guys,

the forum has been very helpful so far for the remodel of our new home. I would like to get your opinion on how would you set the living room?

What I am thinking is:
- TV/stand to left of fireplace
- Sofa bed on the big wall opposite of window. Issue here is that there is a vent there. I guess I shouldn't block it.
- 2 armchairs or a loveseat next to the window at an angle.

We do need a sofa bed for guests and don't think we can have a 2nd full couch anywhere. Don't think I would want a couch against the window.

On another topic, there are current 2 wall lights, but I am thinking of closing them and putting a ceiling fixture.

Any thoughts?

See pics attached on this and next messages.


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