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Staining/sealing a brand new deck?

17 years ago

I just had a new deck built, and got a quote for sealing/staining it. The deck is about 400 sq. ft., and has some steps and railings, and the price I got is $1,000. It seems excessive to me. What kind of price should I be looking at for doing this work on a brand new deck? Is there a rule-of-thumb per square foot that I can use? The work is being completed on the deck tomorrow.

This individual told me the deck needs to be cleaned with a power washer and then sanded before applying 2 coats of stain. It seems excessive to me. I thought there would only be some gentle cleaning required, and certainly didn't think any sanding would be required on brand new wood. Does any of this make sense to you folks? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

--- D

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