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I HATE my Pebble Tec / Pebble Sheen pool

14 years ago

I am so upset. We purchased a resale home when home prices were declining, but before the cliff drop. We knew that we would need to refinish the pool/spa. The pool is a basic pool. We didn't want to sink a lot of money into it since we have lost so much money on the house. We decided to refinish, re-tile, fix the lights, water flow, and raise the spa. The spa was flush with the pool so there really was no waterfall.

We were going to finish with DiamondBrite. After talking to others and looking at pools, we decided to get the Pebble Tec and even upgrade to PebbleSheen.

After over a MONTH of choosing a color....I HATE the pool water. We chose Slate Blue. I looked at so many samples in different levels of water and sunlight. I even dropped them into other people's pools to compare. I did not get to see a Slate Blue pool in person, but I saw plenty of other pools including Blue Granite that my neighbor has. Using all of the pools as a frame of reference against the Pebble Tec brochure, we felt the Slate Blue would produce a nice water color. It instead produces THE #1 water color I was hoping to avoid: Green/Gray. I HATE it. If you look on PTs website, there are 2 areas where they show water color. One is their online PDF brochure with a black background. If you compare Slate Blue to Blue Granite, the Slate Blue water looks bluer than Blue Granite. If you compare the individual colors in the white background pages, the comparison is the same water color. The Slate Blue water color does NOT blue at all.

One reason we were not going to do a PT or PS pool originally was because my sister-in-law has one and we donÂt like her water color or the finish. But after doing some research, we realized there are many colors. We were determined to avoid having our pool look like hers....and now it does!

We went to a pool party at our neighbor's house yesterday. They have Blue Granite that was just installed a few months ago. They live 4 doors down with the same sun orientation and everything. I love the water color. I walked home to our house, saw my gray/green pool and wanted to cry.

I cannot live with this water color. It is not even like I can say..."well, I wish it were just a little bluer".... I hate it.

The quality of the product itself is very nice, and the thickness. The install needs lots of touch ups where they did a crappy job though. Also, I am not impressed with the marketing ploy that they "buff" your Pebble Sheen pool. They hardly do anything. PT just defends the installer. So, if you pick PS, just pick it for other reasons. The buffing is a bunch of BS.

I don't what to do. The installer is supposed to come out tomorrow to fix the finish. We have 2 small holes in the spa, the steps in the pool are horrible. The waterline tile has so many areas where the PS is sticking out too far and is rough. The installer and PT are blaming the PB who laid the tile. Well, my husband I can tell you thisÂwe watched the install. The areas that came out great (spa seats, swimout, waterline tile in the deep end) were done by a different guy than the one who did the crappy areas. The edges of our steps are unacceptable. The area where the finish meets the tile at the waterline in the shallow end is awful. Hmmm, the tile was laid by the same person, but not the finish.

And, arenÂt the instructions for PT/PS to keep anything off of the finish. The Day 2 crew for our acid wash and "buffing" were smoking in our pool. DoesnÂt that drop ashes on the finish?

Per instructions, we have yet to add chlorine. That starts tomorrow. The water is NOT cloudy. We are testing and brushing the pool daily. Will anything change? Is there hope?

Thanks for any help or input.

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