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Anyone have French Country Farmhouse Ins. Pics?

13 years ago

Is this a style? Any inspiration pics of something like this? I'm just wildly guessing that this may be the style that I'm gravitating towards. I could be totally of base (please let me know if I am and what you think it is).

After looking through my notebooks of decorating tear sheets and endless hrs. of choosing fabric and wall paint, I do notice a huge pattern and while it's so, so beautiful I just don't feel comfortable (or worse yet feel like 'me') in it.:

1. Lots of blue, chocolate, taupe, cream.

2. Lots of tear sheets from Victoria magazine w/ the very feminine curvy furniture, white washes, Gustavian inspired.

3. Lots of silk drapery dripping on the floor.

4. White walls.

5. Oil paintings in big gilded gold frames.

BUT what I DO have and typically what I keep acquiring and feel so wonderful, warm, cozy, comfortable and relaxed in is the following AND what I'm looking for pics of as a representation and to get ideas:

1. Lots of wood furnishings in lots of different finishes - hand me downs, antiques w/ age etc.

2. Warm green walls and/ or rich creamy walls like F&B colors w/ notes of green in them.

3. My green rustic toile curtains that look aged.

4. Rusted look simple chandeliers and kitchen pulls.

5. Low ceilings w/ rustic beams.

6. Deep comfy furniture, small scale leather chairs w/ nail head trim.

7. Farmhouse tables w/ chairs that have rush seats (don't have something like that now but would love!).

8. Checked and toile fabrics mixed in black and cream.

9. Black and white photography.

10. I use old crocks in the kitchen to hold my utensils. I can see hydrangea blooms in them too and I envision a big basket of them in an old stone fireplace during the summer.

11. Nothing so frilly or over ornamented if that's a word.

12. Bare wood floors in summer.

13. Green, cream and black.

I have a lot of stuff like this stored away already.

It's def. not the Americanized French Country of yellow, blue and red. Is what I'm looking to acheive even French Country at all or could it be described as French Country Farmhouse or did I just make that up?

I got my CL armoire for the entertainment equip. and TV and it's so me and so perfect!

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