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Dark wood trim & doors too dark?

14 years ago

I'm currently building a new home and having a hard time deciding between medium-dark to dark oak trim and white painted trim. We have a VERY open floor plan and have cherry kitchen cabinets with a very dark stain. We plan on using a medium shade hardwood flooring throughout the home and I was originally thinking we would do a trim color a shade between the floor and cabinets with 6 panel oak doors, but am now worried it would seem too dark. I have a 2 year old I stay home with and plan on having more children so I'm also worried about constantly cleaning white doors. I really like an old world look, but like a lot of light in my room also. We have a lot of windows that are south facing and we installed A LOT of can lights so that might help. Any suggestions or ideas? Has anybody else done this much wood in a home before?


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