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kitchen remodel -- thoughts on layouts

9 years ago

hi all,

i've been a reader for a little while, but recent member. because now i think i know enough to ask questions and maybe even contribute! the knowledge and advice y'all give is very impressive.

ok, so i'm redesigning my recently purchased condo. in particular, the kitchen is giving me a bit of a headache. i've included three images below (they are a motley of screenshot images, so i apologize for the low quality). the first is the current layout, which leaves a lot to be desired. don't even ask me why there's a totally empty space where a pantry might go next to the fridge. no idea.

some background: i live alone, enjoy baking and cooking, never have a very full fridge, and am very obsessed with function. i like things to work and not feel awkward. aesthetic delight is important too, but it really gets me when something looks superb but fails on function.

so, i've included two different ideas. the idea labelled 1 is not fully thought out, but it's a start. it troubles me for a number of reasons. i'm going to go through them here as this might help you understand my thought process and how i got to idea 2:

1) i want more continuous counter space than shown here in idea 1. the kitchens i've loved have big continuous work areas. i'd prefer to lose symmetry (which this layout appears to have in spades) and get more continuous counter space

2) the range: i think, after much thought, i'd prefer a cooktop and wall oven. but the concern i have with the wall oven is where to put it. i really don't like the idea of going under the cooktop. i feel the way wall oven controls are designed imply that you are positioning the wall oven on a wall, a ways up. they don't seem easy to look at, way down there. similar with an under counter microwave.

3) the size of the pantry and fridge. i'm not so concerned about resale value, which folks warn me about when i say 24" fridge. what matters to me is good use of space, and so i think a tall 24" fridge+freezer (say like 79-80" in height, a la a liebherr option..) is perfectly reasonable for me.

ok, all that said, i fiddled a bit myself and came up with the final image, labelled 2 (using different software, hence the totally different look). you can see i've shoved all the big wall size units to one side of the kitchen. i think it could work. maybe.

i was hoping some folks here might have other ideas i haven't thought of, or some things to watch out for with my ideas. i plan to talk to more kitchen designers, but as i said in the beginning i'm so impressed with folks here that i thought i'd ask and see what people think.


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