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Icky Pool Incident...Question about Shocking Pool

13 years ago

This is not a pleasant question to ask... On Sunday, a guest at our pool party ( a child) had diahrea in our pool. (sigh) She got out quickly and there was nothing visible to the eye, but she said she had diahrea in the pool and did not feel well. Well of course we have not stepped foot in the pool since. My husband instantly added some shock -- one pouch, and we have a salt water pool if it matters. I called the pool store where we get our water checked and asked them what to do. They said to "shock the fire out of it" (yes, we live in the South!) They told me to triple the amount of shock we usually use. My dh added six more pouches of the shock last night. Now I'm afraid to swim in my pool, or to let my kids. Between the diahrea and the excessive amount of shock, not sure how safe it really is... Any suggestions on how to get it safe to use before this holiday weekend? Thanks for any advice regarding this less than pleasant topic! :)

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