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backsplash update- what do you think?

11 years ago

I brought home some tiles tonight and I surprised myself with what I ended up liking.

To recap:

This counter:

cabinets are this- although the colour looks a little off in the picture- the actual colour is a good match for the little dots in the counter:

knobs on cabinets are crystal-look, handles on drawers are brushed nickel. two pendants over the island:

This design

in this shape:

I can't find any pictures of my tiles online, but I found a cream coloured tile that is 4" X 15.5". I was going to put one row of that, then 3-4 rows of mosaic accent with the rest being the long cream tile.

The mosaic that I found seemed to blend best is a lavender blend that's 1.5 cm, so about 5/8 inch? It's colouring is similar to this:

the bulk of the tiles are that light pinky/lavender colour dotted with a few slightly darker purples and an occasional clear white tile. (there are four white ones in the whole 5 X 12 samples piece I brought home)

Am I absolutely nuts?! It's purple! Who puts purple in their kitchen?

We tried a whole bunch of different mosaics. It turns out that I love the iridescent sheen and all of the other beautiful glass styles just don't make my heart flutter. It also turns out that the blues and greens don't really go with my cabinets- they have a little pink in them. It's not very noticeable, but the blues just looked "off" somehow with the formica.

I tried white and even cream mosaics- the white didn't match and the cream wasn't available in the iridescent that I wanted.

If I do this- will the teeny mosaic look strange with the enormous field tile? How many rows of mosaic should I put in? Most of the designs I like use 3, but I think these tiles are a little smaller than what most people use. According to my Contracter, I have 50 cm. between the counter and cupboards.

Any thoughts? Am I nuts? Will I hate this in six months?

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