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Maybe I'm going crazy....your thoughts.....

15 years ago

Okay here is the deal. I got this new pair of pajama pants today. They are great. I just love them, they are stripped and have all these great colors in them. Maybe I will take a picture for everyone later.

Anyway, I am sitting doing homework with Blake and I start looking down at my pants. I keep thinking wow this is great material. This would look so good in a quilt. This really has some great colors I could cooridinate with it. Of course I tell myself your just thinking nonsense now. They are just pajama pants.

Then a little while latter I am going potty and find myself looking for the tag to check if they are 100% cotton. Cause of course I just can't get the thought of what a great quilt these would make out of my head. And guess what they are.

Then I started thinking about all the great coordinating pants they already had made that match these perfectly and if I bought those I could use them in the quilt. I think maybe I am going crazy.....who in there right mind would contemplate going and spending $9 on perfectly good pj pants just to cut them up and use them for quilting. Well I would of course, but how the heck would I explain that one to my husband?

So I bring my crazyness to you. In hopes you can help me make sense out of such nonsense. I think that might just be the final straw for my DH if I started cutting up perfectly good brand new pants just for the fabric. He may actually ground me from my sewing machine, which he threatens at regular intervals when I don't clean the house cause I am to busy sewing.

Oh what is a girl to do, when there are so many inspirational pj pants around.


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