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Special LOTTO - Paper Piecing

9 years ago

Paper Piecing Lotto
1st Quarter 2014

Along with the regular monthly Lotto, we are going to have one block each quarter for those who want to try something special. As with the regular Lotto, you can make 1, 2 or 3 blocks. Mail them to littlehelen by the end of the quarter along with $1 to cover mailing the blocks to the winner.

If you have questions, post them below or refer to the 2014 Lotto at a Glance post for general lotto instructions.

1st Quarter - due 3/31 - paper pieced 6" Heart in 1930's reproduction fabric scrappy. This is a very basic paper piece pattern and a great way to give this method a try if you haven't done one before. There are other free patterns available but let's stick to this one so we know they'll all fit together.

Link to Candy Box Heart paper piece block

Here are a couple pictures of blocks that littlehelen and I have made.

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