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13 years ago

Posted by liliswe (My Page) on

Tue, Jan 6, 09 at 1:44

Anyone have any experiences with Farrow and Ball paint (for interior, walls, ceiling, trim)

The colors are beautiful and it seems like a great product. Looking for a matt finish in historical American colors. Also looking at Benjamin Moore's Historical Color Collection, which is also very nice.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!!

* Posted by bellaflora (My Page) on

Tue, Jan 6, 09 at 17:02

I use exclusively F&B in my house. This paint line has a soft muted quality to it, and lends instant patina to the room. since you are looking for a matte finish in historical color, I think you will get good result w/ F&B.

The only draw back is that their colors palette is very limited. A lot of people love F&B but cannot find the exact shade or hue -- there won't be thousands of colors for you to choose from. :-D

* Posted by redbazel (My Page) on

Sun, Jan 11, 09 at 20:42

Bellaflora, I cannot you have any online photos of your home in the F&B colors? I have a renewed interest in F&B and am thinking about ordering the hand-painted color card.


* Posted by rococogurl (My Page) on

Wed, Jan 14, 09 at 9:03

red -- they will send you a free color card which is a bit off but gives the general idea. I'm with bellaflora on the surface quality and performance. I've been very happy with the paint and colors (I found all I needed). You probably know you can request the color card (which also has a description of each color on the back) from the website.

* Posted by redbazel (My Page) on

Sun, Jan 18, 09 at 16:29

I've ordered the Fan Deck and talked to a wonderfully helpful person in Canada. It should arrive mid-week and I am super excited.

Did you guys use the Modern Emulsion or the Estate? I am going to repaint my entry and think I need something that I can wipe off if need be.


* Posted by pirula (My Page) on

Mon, Jan 19, 09 at 12:38

I've used both. They're both perfectly wipe able. But you need to give the estate emulsion at least a month to cure before you go scrubbing it. The modern emulsion is lovely, it has just the slightest sheen. I love it.

* Posted by redbazel (My Page) on

Mon, Jan 19, 09 at 19:53

Pirula, what I wanted to hear. IF I think I can sneak another paint job, complete with paint that has to be ordered and delivered, (did I mention that my DH notices nothing?) past the Man.......I would really need to use something that I can wipe. How often do I need to wipe a wall? Well, in reality, almost never. But my brain needs to know that I can. And I do like the merest hint of a sheen. So, do you have any photos out there??


And what's your very favorite F&B paint color?

* Posted by pirula (My Page) on

Tue, Jan 20, 09 at 13:16

Oh Red, I've got pictures, but you really can't tell much from them as far as sheen, you know how that goes. If you like the merest hint of sheen then trust me and try the Modern emulsion. It is lovely. To give you an idea, F&B's eggshell isn't that shiny in the first place. It's a lovely satin sheen that is very refined. If light is shining right on it, you see it, otherwise, it's very delicate. It's absolutely cleanable/scrubbable, it's what I used in the kitchen and in my son's bathroom. Scrub, scrub, scrub. No problems. The estate now is completely flat, and looks almost like velvet on the walls. The finish is absolutely the best of anything I used. It is also scrub scrub scrub, no problems (hello, a boy, a dog, and two cats, I do have to scrub)....

The Modern is in between the eggshell and the Estate, so it's very much an even softer sheen. I only used it on my ceilings, but that was a functional decision. I actually wish I had used the modern on the kitchen walls, because I'd have loved a little less sheen. But alas, when I decided on the kitchen paint, the Modern wasn't around, or I didn't know about it yet. But even the eggshell walls are NOT NOT shiny. And the modern would be half as shiny. So, if you like a soft sheen, go for the modern.

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