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Crackle subway grout decision: Help please!

13 years ago

I recently posted pictures of my new kitchen. Thank you all for you nice comments. I don't mean to hog the board, but I need help. DH just finished putting up one section of the backsplash- I am loving it! But, now I have to choose the grout. There are two samples in the pictures. I think the desert sand (darker one) will look like the wall looks now with just the spaces between the tiles.

How can I decide??? I like the look, but afraid it will be too "different" and maybe I should go with the safer lighter grout (ivory). I think there will still be a contrast just not as noticeable. I picked out the sand and the guy at the tile store suggested the ivory. He said the sand would "stick out like a sore thumb". DH also prefers the lighter one also, but what doe they know???

Opinions please!


Thanks for you help!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen

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